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Tile Tips


Your tile surfaces have been restored with the most advanced process available for ceramic tile. With proper maintenance, your tile surfaces will retain their "like new" appearance for many years to come.

To help you maximize your investment, we have prepared this for you and your maintenance personnel as a reference.

Elite's Grout cleaning and sealing system provides a protective shield to your grout making them non-porous, easy to clean and resistant to future embedded contamination. Elite Carpet & Tile ensures the continuous sanitation and brilliance of your grouted surfaces through our Maintenance Service Plan.

Caring For Tile Your Floor

Sweep or vacuum loose dust and debris from floor before mopping.
Use a Neutral Cleaner* for daily mopping.
After applying cleaner, rinse floor thoroughly with clean water.
Rinse mops and change the rinse water frequently.
Have Elite's Maintenance Service Plan performed as necessary.
* Neutral Cleaners are available from Elite Carpet & Tile Care. Avoid strong alkaline, butyl or acid based cleaners such as bleach, ammonia, and vinegar. For best results, keep mop and water as clean as possible

Elite's Maintenance Service Plan

To maintain your restored tile, your tile and grouted floors should receive Elite's Maintenance Service on a scheduled basis.

Elite's Maintenance Service is a rejuvenation program where we service your tile on a schedule basis to remove soil and contaminant accumulations.

Natural Stone Do's & Dont's

DO - Protect your tile & grout with an impregnating high quality sealer

DO - Dust floors and countertops daily

DO - Blot spills up immediately to minimize damage to stone/grout

DO - Use coasters under drinks especially those with alcohol or juices

DO - Use walk off mats at entryways

DO - Clean regularly with cleaners specifically formulated for stone

DO - Call Elite for Maintenance and Questions

DON'T - Use bleach, vinegar, ammonia and other general household cleaners

DON'T - Use abrasive cleaners such as cleanser or soft scrub

DON'T - Place hot items directly onto surface

DON'T - Use high alkaline cleaners not specific to natural stone

For more information caring for Natural Stone, click here.


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