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Carpet Services

Carpeting can add so much to your home, its color warmth, and texture is all part of the unique style of your home. Elite takes the time and attention to detail it takes to get your carpet as clean as it possibly can be. Weather you have nylon cut pile, Berber or wool, you will be amazed at how soft, clean and dry it is when you have it cleaned by Elite Carpet & Tile Care.


At Elite we only offer only one level of carpet cleaning service, and that is to the industry standard and beyond. If you are looking for a low quality quick clean without state of the art equipment and the time it takes to do it right, call one of the "Coupon" Companies. We never "Up sale" you when we arrive like some cleaners do, we treat you the way we would want to be treated. The only "extra" service that we would dream of offering is stain protector for your carpet, such as Dupont Teflon advanced carpet protector. When you care about the highest quality for your home at a fair price you call Elite Carpet & Tile Care.


On the day of your appointment Elite will combine professional and courteous service with state-of-the-art equipment.

  1. First we will vacuum all areas to be cleaned to extract as much dry soil as possible. (70% of contaminates in your carpet are dry soils, why make mud?)
  2. At this time we set up protective guards around all corners and furniture.
  3. Apply a heavy duty high alkaline Pre-Spray at around 180 degrees to emulsify oily soils and other pollutants.
  4. Then thoroughly agitate with a pile lifting groomer to help suspend the pollutants for extraction. Give the pre-spray the proper amount of "Dwell" time (10-15mins.)
  5. Extract with RX20 rotary jet extractor, this high-tech piece of equipment steam cleans the carpet at 220 degrees while rotating at 130RPM giving us 650 cleaning strokes per minute. (Try that with a wand!) This machine sets us apart from many cleaners; cleaning ability and drying times are increased tremendously.

    Carpet Cleaner

  6. After we are finished with one section we place a turbo fan to start the drying process immediately, before moving on to the next room.
  7. When completed, your carpet is given a final groom to separate fibers to help speed drying and to reset the pile. Replaced furniture is set on foam blocks and tabs.
  8. We leave you with a complimentary bottle of professional spotter and the cleanest, softest most luxurious carpet you have ever had.


The best carpet cleaner in the area without a doubt!
I tell everyone about Elite carpet and tile care.

— al, sebastopol